James F. Chelius, Jr. Scholarship for Challenged Students Nomination

The James F. Chelius, Jr. Scholarship for Challenged Students for $1000 is intended to help further a challenged student’s education for one term (semester, quarter, or comparable term). The amount may be for tuition or books.  The nominee should have financial need, the desire and potential to succeed in school and possess positive character traits.  The disability can be, but is not limited to, dyslexia, hearing, sight, physical, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and others. Student must maintain a B average. This scholarship is not age or career specific.

These scholarships are not age or career specific.

Please email as attachment (to scholarships@uncommonfriends.org) the following items after you submit the form (include your name, the scholarship being applied for, and the nominee’s name in the subject line):

  1. Letter on nominating organization’s letterhead explaining how the nominee meets the criteria.
  2. Nominee’s 500-word essay explaining need, future goals, how he or she emulates the characteristics of the five uncommon friends, how he or she demonstrates ethical behavior in his or her day-to-day living in interaction with others, and any other specific commentary required by the scholarship.
  3. Letter from additional individual or sponsoring organization.

After offer and acceptance, we will request a digital color headshot photo of you to use in our press releases, in promotional and event materials, and on our website. The photo must be a minimum of 300 dpi and no larger than 1 mb in size. A school photo is ideal for this purpose.