Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Uncommon Friends Foundation is comprised of outstanding business leaders and community members who are committed to furthering character education and ethics in the workplace. We appreciate their dedication and commitment.

Officers and Directors

Brian Rist, President

Brian Rist, President

Executive Chairman

Storm Smart Industries



RC Peacock Consulting

Tom Hoolihan, Treasurer

Tom Hoolihan, Treasurer


Tommy Hoolihan’s Resort & Lifestyle Center
Chris Spiro, Secretary

Chris Spiro, Secretary

Founder/CEO/Chief Creative Officer

Spiro & Associates

Alexandra Bremner

Alexandra Bremner


Allen Park Elementary School
Marc Collins

Marc Collins


Fort Myers, Florida

Advisory Board

Mrs. Everett Ballard
Sanibel, FL

Mr. John Biffar
Cape Coral, FL

Mr. Gene Bratsch
Minnesota, MN

Dr. David C. Brown
Fort Myers, FL

Dr. Robert Brueck
Fort Myers, FL

Dr. Larry Byrnes
Fort Myers, FL

Ms. Lucy Costa
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. Carl Conley
Fort Myers Beach, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Cooper
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Cox
Tustin, CA

Mr. & Mrs. J. Barney Creech
Franklin, NC

Mrs. Leslie D’Alessandro
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Doragh
Fort Myers, FL

Mrs. Paula Edenfield
Fort Myers, FL

Ms. Suzanne Edwards
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Galloway, Jr.
Galloway Ford, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Geml
Cape Coral, FL

Mrs. Amy Gravina
Fort Myers, FL

Mrs. Robley Greilick
Pine Island, FL

Mr. & Mrs. J. Porter Goss
Sanibel, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce T. Grady
Fort Myers, FL

Mayor Randall Henderson, Jr.
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hogan
Riverside, CT

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Hughes
Fort Myers Beach, FL

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Humphrey
Fort Myers, FL

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Jones
Bonita Springs, FL

Dr. & Mrs. David McCormick
Fort Myers, FL

Ms. Elaine McLaughlin
Bokeelia, FL

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Murphy, Jr.
Fort Myers Beach, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Myers
Fort Myers Beach, FL

Mrs. D.J. Petruccelli
Fort Myers Beach, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Riley
Fort Myers, FL

Mrs. Robbie Roepstorff
Sanibel Island, FL

Mr. Mike Scott
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. John Sheppard
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Shimp
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Smith
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. Ken Sneeden
Fort Myers, FL

Ms. Sandra Stilwell Youngquist
Captiva Island, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Surprise
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor
Fort Myers, FL

Judge & Mrs. James R. Thompson
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Totterdale
Alva, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tremaine
Summerville, SC

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Walker
Fort Myers, FL

Dr. & Mrs. Irvin S. Winsboro
Fort Myers, FL

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Wise
Taplow Maidenhead
Berkshire, England

Mrs. Dorothy Yates
Tampa, FL

Uncommon Friends Foundation

The Uncommon Friends Foundation inspires future leaders toward excellence of character, a spirit of innovation, and a sense of purpose.

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Champion Teachers

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Business Ethics Lunch 2016 at FGCU

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Annual Meeting 2012

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Scholarship Recipients

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Uncommon Evening 2012

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2016 Scholarship Recipients

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Uncommon Evening 2016

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2018 Scholarship Reception

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2018 Reflections on the River Gala

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2019 Business Ethics Luncheon at FGCU

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2019 Uncommon Evening: Pearls of Wisdom

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