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FINANCE COMMITTEE:  This committee is responsible for developing the UFF Annual Budget along with the Treasurer and the Executive Director and presenting this budget for approval to the board of directors. This committee also is in charge of fundraising to achieve the income budget approved by the board and to develop programs to increase the Foundation’s endowment fund. This committee meets monthly.

MARKETING/PR & MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  This committee is responsible for a strategy for marketing the Foundation and its programs and is also responsible for membership recruitment and retention. The committee develops strategies for communicating with current members and recruiting additional members. It oversees the production of the Hello Friends newsletter, Foundation brochures and any collateral material for promoting Foundation programs. This committee is also responsible for media relations. This committee meets monthly.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE:  This committee plans and carries out the process of gathering nominations and the selection process for the scholarships given by the Foundation. This committee is also responsible for identifying and cultivating prospective donors to the scholarship program. This committee meets 3-4 times a year.

UNCOMMON EVENING COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for the planning, fundraising and program for the Uncommon Evening. This committee meets 3-4 times a year.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE:  This committee oversees the educational curriculum of the Foundation, conducts teacher training workshops and seminars, and hosts meetings to discuss trends in Character Education. This committee is also responsible for the selection of the recipients of the Annual Character Education Awards. This committee meets monthly.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION & EXHIBITS COMMITTEE: This committee is responsible for the display of the Foundation’s exhibits, artifacts and to curate the collections for education. This committee meets 1-2 times per year.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH COMMITTEE:  This committee is designed to attract the next generation of community leaders to the cause of the Foundation through community outreach and activities. This committee meets 1-2 times per year.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  This committee is responsible for recruiting and nominating board members, confirming a slate of officers, identifying potential Advisory Board members and selecting Honorary Lifetime Award recipients. This committee meets 2 times per year.

BECOME A DOCENT: Are you a history buff? The Uncommon Friends Foundation is looking for men and women who would like to become docents at the Burroughs Home. Docents provide tours of the historical Georgian Revival style home, located on the bank of the Caloosahatchee River in the Downtown River District of Fort Myers. The Burroughs Home is one of the oldest homes in Fort Myers, dating back to 1901 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Days and hours vary. Training and a docent manual are provided.

Tour guides needed at the Burroughs Home.

For more information or to become a volunteer, please text Jane Lane at 239.910.0220 or

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Royal Palm Yacht Club Ladies Visit Burroughs Home

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Uncommon Evening 2011

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Champion Teachers

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Business Ethics Award Recipients

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Historic Images

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Honorary Lifetime Membership Winners

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Uncommon Friends Membership Meeting 2011

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Business Ethics Luncheon 2012

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Business Ethics Lunch 2016 at FGCU

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Annual Meeting 2012

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Scholarship Recipients

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Uncommon Evening 2012

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2016 Scholarship Recipients

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Uncommon Evening 2016

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2018 Scholarship Reception

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2018 Reflections on the River Gala

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2019 Business Ethics Luncheon at FGCU

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2019 Uncommon Evening: Pearls of Wisdom

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